With a passion for architecture, travel and music, I am married and the father to a little girl. I am an avid runner and skier, and was involved with scouting for over 20 years.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program at the Technical University of Berlin, with an internship at Barkow Leibinger’s studio. I also worked fort wo years as a assistant-student in the IBOIS and LTH2 laboratories at EPFL. In 2007, I was an intern for M+B Zurbuchen-Henz in Lausanne. Upon graduating  from EPFL in 2011, I began my career as project manager for Ferrari Architectes in Lausanne for over 6 years. Since 2016, I am a member of the SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects).

In 2018, I founded shape architecture.

Steve Cherpillod, architecte EPFL / SIA


Steve Cherpillod, architecte EPFL/SIA

Pénélope Charpentier, architecte DE-HMONP

Hélène Hoyoux, architecte ULg – MAS AeDD EPFL

Abigaël Mackenzie, architecte d’intérieur HEAD


100% involvement in all projects in ordert to meet your expectations. Shape is here to synthesise your ideas based on your specific needs, your personal tastes and your unique lifestyle.


Shape is constantly looking to create sustainable architecture of the highest quality, with a sensitive approach and attention to detail. Economical, ecological and aesthetic solutions tailored to your project.


We believe that good communication is at the heart of each project. By working together we share our experience, our knowledge and our sensitivities in order to build on solid foundations.


In permanent contact with craftsmen. Engineers, builders, investors and artists, our mission is to project together, without prejudice.

A conscious approach and attention to detail

shape envisions and develops projects of all types, on a variety of scales (residential, public, commercial, administrative, industrial, renovations and transformations).

An essential leitmotif for shape is a clear and coherent concept. A well thought out (astute) design has lower energy consumption rates and maintenance costs. It becomes a sustainable edifice and benefits from an increase in heritage value.


Feasibility study

Identifying needs, reviewing constructability, regulation analysis, risk analysis, cost analysis, study of neighbourhood plans, urbanism, advice.

Project planning

Competitions, preliminary designs, projects, applications for building permit, scale models, prototypes,  3D modelling, calling for tender, submissions, execution planning, coordinating specialists.

Construction management

Managing costs, construction site planning, quality control, logistics of construction, establishing quotes, awards of contract, construction management, architectural management, commissionings.

Assisting the client

Conducting projects as delegated by the client, advice, surveillance of quality, costs and deadlines, organising and conducting competitions or calls for tender, communication and graphic identity.